Thursday, June 17, 2010

Almost Outta Here (Updated 12 pm)

Everything is going great since surgery. Cooper has eaten (they gave him some pedialite) and is taking a nap on momma as I update this.

We're going to be discharged in the next 30 minutes. Will be good to get back to the casa.

Surgery Complete (Updated 10 am)

The surgeon just came out to let us know everything went fine.  The anesthesiologist is waking him up now, and as I'm typing this Supermom is heading into the recovery room to see him.

So far so good from Christus Santa Rosa hospital in San Antonio.  More later...

The Morning of Surgery (Updated 8:45 am)

We were instructed to arrive at the hospital bright-and-early at 6 am, and were in the waiting area right on time.  Unfortunately it was hurry up and wait for Cooper, and we sat for a half hour before getting checked in.  From there things progressed, and the nice nurses fitted him with this cute little hospital gown, complete with an exposed rear end.  Not such a big deal for a baby wearing a diaper, but it does let a draft through the back door.

From there we went to the pre-op waiting room and met with the surgeon.  A different group of nurses gave him a syringe full of goofy juice to calm his nerves.  After about five minutes he started to giggle at everything, and his eyes were half open.  This kid was STONED!  And it was hilarious.

From there they whisked him back to the operating room.  We've been in the waiting room for about an hour now, and they said it would be another 90 minutes or so before we get to see him.  There hasn't been an update from the surgeon (yet), but he told us we wouldn't hear much unless there was a complication.  So no news is good news.

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